Confidence is something we all need – or, at least, we feel like we need – to be able to do anything and I feel this especially in my writing. It’s fascinating really as I have no problems pasting excerpts or full pieces of my writing up on this little blog but when I want to share it with my online writing buddies, or my peers, I get the writers equivalent of stage fright.

Now that is something I have been working on and taking this creative writing course has been a good thing for it. This may sound like bragging but I had a meeting with my tutor for the Short Fiction part and I got told that I have a natural talent in writing, especially when it comes to creating atmosphere and getting across the character viewpoint. He went on to say that if I worked on my descriptions – which I know is a weak point for me – and stopped making the setting so vague, I could get my work published.

I have crippling self-doubt when it comes to writing so to hear this came as a surprise. Especially as the others in my class have – at least in my opinion – infinitely more talent than I do. It was a boost of confidence for me but it also made me think. How much should we limit ourselves because of our own views on confidence especially if it is in regards to something we love.?We may never know how good we are if we let ourselves be held back. I almost dropped out of the course due to my low levels of confidence and I am so glad that I didn’t. It has been an amazing experience and will continue to be one (knock on wood) for the rest of the year.

What I am trying to say in my erratic way is that we are our biggest critics and our worst enemies. We shouldn’t be because we can all achieve many great things in the world – we just have to let ourselves reach out and do it.

-Shay x


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